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Hi, I'm Kay, the free printables guy.


Hi, I'm Kay. I'm the creator of, which offers a variety of 2013 calendars to download and print for free. I'm obviously very into computers (this is just one website under the "umbrella"), but I definitely rely on paper calendars to get things done.

At, everything is free to download and print. Choose from PDF or editable DOC versions — they're all free. It's my pleasure to bring top-quality printables to web users for free or very cheap.

Mine is not one of those sites that just "lifted" documents from somewhere else on the Internet. That's not OK, and I don't do it. I respect copyright and I only offer great, original printables created by me and my team. In fact, if you see my printables somewhere else, I'd appreciate it if you would let me know. Thanks!

(The picture is of me and my daughter.)

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